As a textile artist, my work focuses on accents for home décor. Each piece I weave, sew, and bead by hand at my home studio in Michigan. I love the home environment, from renovation to interior design, and my textile works have woven into my style for natural, classy, and peaceful designs. Using materials from all over the world, I am inspired by individual crafted fibers to exotic stones and organic colors. Hand dyed Italian silk ribbons to African beads, my hunt for these materials is a pleasurable search for those unique things that will contribute to a work of art for your home.

After years of making curtains, installation panels, and other works, I decided to create my own line 10 years ago, focusing on pillows and throws. I soon after developed the brand kate.e textiles and in recent years have joined etsy. My work reflects my attraction for things simple, elegant, beautiful, and functional. I’m foremost a textile artist, but have begun experimenting with leather and beading. I hope you enjoy my work, and thank you for shopping.